Brian Campbell, Intern

Brian spent 18 years in Anchorage, Alaska before moving to Boulder, Colorado for his undergraduate degree. After flirting with the idea of pursuing economics and international affairs, he wandered into the architecture studio on campus one day and hasn’t looked back since. With his B.EnvD from the University of Colorado complete, he then moved back to the West Coast to get his Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon’s Portland program, focusing on urban design and urban architecture.

In between & during the completion of his two degrees, he’s been a camp counselor, human resources assistant, front-end web designer, several different shades of intern, and a sometime graphic designer.

Brian has a lifelong passion for art and for design of as many scales and kinds as he can get his hands on. As PATH’s newest intern, he’s reveling in its integrated, hands-on design & building environment and is learning new things every day.