The Park BOX

Portland, Oregon  |  Winner of a 2009 AIA Craftmanship Award and Merit Award.

The Park BOX is a two unit row house constructed on a standard 50’ x 100’ corner Portland lot.

The placement on the site provides each unit with a large private deck on opposite ends of the site, with a large yard off one of the decks. This arrangement provides the most privacy while allowing for the main floors to feel like a large indoor/outdoor rooms, with the decks as an extended living space.

The entire building was pushed to the west on the site to preserve a large Douglas fir tree, providing an opportunity to extend a portion of the east unit out beyond the main volume of the box. The master bedrooms extend out over the decks below to create large covered outdoor dining spaces. The arrangement of windows provides the occupants with views primarily of the trees, sky, and grass in the neighboring park.