Portland, Oregon | Design: PATH Architecture, Inc. | Construction: Kaiser Group, Inc.

Carbon12 is an eighty-five foot tall, eight-story, timber-framed residential project to be constructed at N. Williams and Fremont in Portland, Oregon. It will showcase cutting-edge engineered wood products which represent the next big revolution in the construction industry in the United States, and which have enormous positive economic and environmental potential.

Trees consume carbon dioxide, which gets stored in their wood. This carbon is released when a tree dies and decomposes, or is burned. When harvested for lumber, however, the carbon remains locked in the wood.

Pre-fabricated, engineered wood panels are the next big revolution in construction. Stronger than steel, lighter than concrete, faster to assemble than any other structural system… and most importantly, carbon sequestering. CLT panel technology, along with Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT) panels, contribute to the revitalization of Oregon’s famed timber industry, providing jobs and vitality to Oregon’s hardest-hit communities. Carbon12’s sophisticated wood structure forever locks away atmospheric CO2. Its pioneering approach to timber construction is a new frontier in building in the United States, and will serve as a catalyst and precedent for timber construction across the nation.

Carbon12 also incorporates several other sustainability & contextually responsive features: an underground mechanical parking system, solar-heated residential hot water, and state-of-the-art earthquake monitoring and alert systems, among others. The building’s slender footprint offers maximum potential for the ground-floor retail uses to spill out onto the site, and for the project to create a true sense of place in the neighborhood.